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Milk packaging changes face: the "fresh ban order", which has been postponed twice, will be implemented again from next month 1. Yesterday, I visited the market and found that the words "fresh milk" were rarely seen on the packaging of dairy products. However, insiders pointed out that the "fresh food ban order" may not be implemented as scheduled

"fresh milk" becomes "pure milk"

in May, 2004, the guidelines for the implementation of national standards for food labeling was issued. The guide points out that the word "fresh" is forbidden on the label of all processed food, so as to prevent enterprises from clamping samples (or products) with clamps to force the samples and using labels for commercial speculation. The guide specifically points out that the standard term for fresh milk should be raw milk, that is, milk just squeezed from cows. This means that dairy products sold on the market now cannot be labeled as "fresh"

in the face of the "fresh food ban" implemented next month, Wu Song, the dairy purchasing manager of a large supermarket in Shenyang, said that now dairy enterprises have gradually adjusted their advertising selling points and are moving closer to the word "pure". As for the word games of merchants, consumers did not show too much concern. Most consumers believed that the milk itself had not changed, and it didn't matter what it was called

"fresh ban" may regenerate into the "guide" known as the "fresh ban" in the industry. It should have been implemented on October 1 last year, but it had to be postponed twice due to opposition from many parties. The main contradiction is that dairy enterprises are opposed to completely distinguishing "taking out cup-shaped sample milk after the bottom of the pasteurizer punch" from "fresh milk"

according to insiders, there has been no real "pasteurized milk" in Shenyang market, but more "normal temperature milk". The former is more "fresh" than the latter, requiring that it be produced and sold on the same day. At present, Huishan is secretly developing "pasteurized milk", but it has not been launched yet. It is also waiting for the final definition of "fresh milk" by relevant national departments

the general manager of the Northeast Branch of dairy enterprises believes that the "fresh food ban" is still controversial, and it is unlikely that it will be implemented as scheduled next month

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according to the processing technology, milk is roughly divided into four categories:

the first category is "raw milk", that is, milk directly squeezed from healthy cows, which is only cooled and usually will not be sold directly; The second type is "pasteurized milk", which can only be made from fresh cow's milk or goat's milk by pasteurization process. At present, the "fresh milk" sold in the market can't be adjusted or touched by hands in the work of tensile testing machine, and the experimental sample is "pasteurized milk"; The third type is "normal temperature milk", also known as "instant ultra-high temperature sterilized milk", which needs to be heated and disinfected, and can be stored at room temperature for a long time; The fourth type is "reduced milk", which is blended with whole milk powder

source: Shenyang today news

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