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Altered the outer packaging of milk Jinjiang problem milk was checked

"how can there be obvious marks of alteration next to the production date on the outer packaging of these milk?" A few days ago, Mr. Wu in Cizao Town, Jinjiang city went to a grocery store in the town to buy pure milk of a domestic brand. When he looked closely, he found an obvious mark of alteration next to the production date, and immediately reported it to the Department of industry and commerce. When unloading yesterday, no additional load was added. Jinjiang Administration for Industry and Commerce found that the alteration marks on this batch of "problem milk" turned out to be a dealer surnamed Chen in Jinjiang who tampered with the sales area number, and there was no problem with the product quality. It is reported that the Department of industry and Commerce has instructed merchants to recall all these "problem milk" and replace all suspected "problem milk" for consumers free

source of information: Strait Metropolis Daily

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