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Milk Association wants to post fresh milk logo. Two factions have a war of words about "warming"

what is fresh milk? People who drink milk have been a little confused recently. The China Dairy Association is going to stick the fresh milk logo on the milk box, which seems to be a good thing, but it has triggered a debate in the industry, because this logo may not have the share of normal temperature milk. Experts in all aspects analyze more, and sometimes simple problems are complicated

argument between the two factions

the fresh milk logo focused this time is mainly pasteurized milk and normal temperature milk, representing urban and resource-based dairy enterprises respectively. Urban enterprises such as Shanghai Guangming and Beijing Sanyuan, which occupy the convenience of urban consumption, adopt pasteurization method below 85 ℃, and the general shelf life is about 3 days. Enterprises growing up in areas rich in dairy resources such as Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang are far away from the urban consumer market, so they mostly adopt ultra-high temperature sterilization at 130 ℃ to 150 ℃, and the products can be stored for 6 months. Pasteurization believes that ultra-high temperature sterilization will lead to the loss of nutrients in dairy products, and the cattle with a shelf life of 6 months 17 Slurry hydrometer milk does not deserve the title of fresh milk. The normal temperature milk pie, which has the price advantage, fought back, judging whether the fresh milk lies in the production of raw materials rather than the production process, just like the same dish that kills fresh fish, but the steamed and braised methods are different. Some people think that normal temperature milk has relatively less nutrition, which is just a slight difference. Don't you finish it by drinking more

behind the scenes command of foreign packaging

pasteurized milk and normal temperature milk "fight" in front of the stage, and the behind the scenes "command" is mainly international paper and Tetra Pak. Domestic dairy industry is "shooting" on the battlefield, while foreign packaging giants are responsible for providing "bullets". Pasteurized milk adopts the roof box packaging produced by American International Paper Company, while the normal temperature milk packaging mainly comes from Tetra Pak of Sweden. It is reported that the cost of outer packaging now accounts for about 40% of the cost of dairy products, that is, people pay 10 yuan to drink milk, and nearly 4 yuan to foreign companies

it is worth mentioning that some conferences that contribute to the promotion of fresh milk labels are funded by international paper industry. In addition, the supporter of pasteurized milk sect is China Dairy Association; The dairy association mainly promotes normal temperature milk pie. The two associations and related enterprises sing their own tunes, and foreign packaging is behind it

concept hype makes people dizzy

before the fresh milk logo debate, a so-called milk nutritional value ranking has just dropped a (6) in the industry if there is an oil spill "bomb", "fresh milk is gold, yogurt is silver, milk powder is copper, and normal temperature milk is iron", which makes normal temperature milk enterprises angry. In fact, in recent years, the topic about the safety and nutrition of dairy products seems to have never stopped. Since there has been no anti milk storm, the debate between reduced milk and premature milk and the worry about the efficacy of milk powder have appeared one by one. In the conceptual marketing of many manufacturers, the practical statements of different experts and the promotion of many media, the relevant knowledge of milk consumers seems to include: customizable polymers and excipients Complex drug formulation development and the best contract manufacturing services of the same kind are increasingly abundant, but they feel more and more at a loss in the actual choice

all kinds of disputes about milk standards, such as concept speculation as the starting point, will always "get" consumers' brains, and eventually confuse the market. In fact, there is little difference between the nutritional components of all kinds of milk. Is it necessary to confuse the milk drinkers

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