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Military special computers show their powerful performance in the electronic exhibition

Inspur King Kong reinforced notebook computer for rain demonstration

l Inspur rack reinforced computer's latest product

Inspur smart King Kong vehicle reinforced computer for vibration demonstration

may 12-14, 2010, to promote the integration of industrialization and industrialization, Taking the road of new industrialization is your better choice for microcomputer controlled electronic experimental machine. The 7th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition opened grandly in Beijing. China International Defense Electronics Exhibition is an authoritative exhibition approved and supported by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Electronic Information Infrastructure Department of the General Armament Department of the people's Liberation Army and the Ministry of international cooperation, and China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. At this exhibition, fully ruggedized computers, handheld ruggedized computers, security computers, portable ruggedized computers and so on have become the focus of attention. Inspur, as a VIP exhibitor who was specially invited, brought a total of more than 30 products of reinforcement, platform and security to the exhibition, which attracted extensive attention of visiting leaders and media, and Inspur special computer became a dazzling star

during the exhibition, major general song Kefeng, director of the International Cooperation Department of the General Armament Department, Zhou Zixue, chief economist of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Tan Rui, deputy director of the military trade and Foreign Affairs Department of the State Administration of Defense Science, technology and industry, Lu Ming, deputy general manager of China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., and other heads and leaders attended the Inspur booth, Zhao Ruidong, vice president, introduced in detail to the visiting leaders that Inspur special computing has no distinction from ordinary plastic bags in terms of appearance, the development process of the machine industry, its unique reinforcement technology and a variety of independent innovative products. Inspur special computer is highly appreciated for its strong environmental adaptability, high reliability and high security

a variety of independent innovation and information security products displayed by Inspur attracted media attention. CCTV conducted a special interview with president Zhao on the spot. President Zhao focused on the achievements and concepts of Inspur's independent innovation and serving national defense. The camera crew recorded the rain and vibration tests of Inspur's special computer at the booth. At the same time, the "Daily Express" launched by the national defense electronics exhibition focuses on the Inspur special computer in the special topic of reinforced computer on May 13. Next, we Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce the installation method of self-adhesive peel strength tester: its development and series of products

Inspur exhibited a series of products with internationally leading reinforcement, platform and security at this exhibition. Among them, the reinforcement performance of King Kong VI reinforced notebook demonstrated in the rain proof demonstration on site for 3 consecutive days has won unanimous praise from visiting leaders, customers and visitors at home and abroad; Qiao King Kong's on-board computer conducted an anti vibration demonstration, and the pebbles stained with glue were shaken off, while Inspur's on-board computer did not have any problems. The excellent performance of Inspur's special computer, such as stability and high reliability, was highly praised by visitors

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