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Valin Xingma: military quality is the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army

Valin Xingma: military quality is the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army

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90 years ago today, the Nanchang Uprising led by comrades Zhou Enlai, he long and Zhu De fired the first shot of armed resistance to the reactionary rule of the Kuomintang, It opened the prelude to the independent leadership of the armed struggle and the establishment of the revolutionary army by the Communist Party of China. The Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army and later the people's Liberation Army began to officially embark on the stage of history. After discussion and decision by the Provisional Central Government of the then Soviet Republic of China, August 1 was the founding anniversary of the Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army and later the Chinese people's Liberation Army

Valin Xingma congratulates the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army

yesterday's glory paved the way for today's growth, and today's development continues yesterday's struggle! In the past 90 years, the people's Liberation Army has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, from ignorant to mature, from victory to victory, and has developed from a single service to a multi service. It is a powerful force with modernization in all aspects and strides towards informatization, and has become the most solid force to defend the motherland, the great wall of steel

if the correct leadership of the party leads the correct direction for the development of our army, the series of guiding principles and ideas adopted and adhered to by the people's Liberation Army itself are undoubtedly the core driving force for its rapid development. This has important reference significance for Valin Xingma to formulate enterprise development strategy

people oriented, people's army, people love, people's army for the people

a just cause has more help than an unjust cause. This sentence perfectly explains why the Communist army with millet and rifles can defeat the Kuomintang army with aircraft, artillery and tanks. Because our army has been a people's army since its establishment, it has naturally won the support of the broad masses of the people. From the Huaihai Campaign pushed by the people with cars to the Liaoshen campaign, where the number of troops has increased geometrically, the people's will is invincible. The people's army serves the people, whether it is fighting floods and rescuing overseas Chinese, whether it is border patrol or helping the poor... Our officers and soldiers are faithfully fulfilling the sacred mission entrusted by the party and the people with dedication and responsibility

since its inception, Valin Xingma has adhered to a relatively high people-oriented business and production philosophy. Think what customers think, be anxious about what customers are anxious about, and produce marketable, high-quality and low-cost products. From the bulk mixer at the beginning of the establishment of the company to the later complete vehicle and engine based powertrain, we strictly control the quality from design to production, and implement process management, risk control and other means to ensure product quality

Valin Xingma heavy truck products

when you buy them at ease, you should also ensure that customers can use them at ease. After years of layout. After sales of Valin heavy truck has formed a three-dimensional service network response mechanism with 400 call centers in the headquarters, 91 offices nationwide and 652 service stations. "Family service" is implemented to provide customers with services on call 24 hours a day, ensuring that the services of mainland provinces and remote provinces are in place within 6 hours after the customer's vehicle is reported for repair, minor faults are guaranteed to be solved within 4 hours, general faults are guaranteed to be solved within 24 hours, and major faults are provided with solutions within 48 hours, which are timely and thoroughly solved, so as to ensure that the majority of card friends can minimize losses. At the same time, tractor vehicles enjoy a 36 month unlimited kilometer long warranty period, and enjoy a 36 month/300000 kilometer long warranty period for Hanma power engine assembly and main parts

the super long warranty period and timely and effective "family service" can completely make the majority of card friends abandon the worries of inadequate after-sales service after buying a car

actively follow the trend, reflect on ourselves and be good at summarizing

Mao Zedong once said in the dialogue with Cheng Siyuan that why the people's Liberation Army can win the war and develop rapidly, because we like to reflect on ourselves and be good at summarizing. After each battle, we should have a summary and learn from two aspects. Develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and then light up and move on. Will move from one victory to another and finally establish the people's Republic of China. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, our army has taken the initiative to comply with the trend of the times, disarm millions, improve the overall quality and ability of the army, and is committed to building a modern information-based army with all-round and multi arms

only by actively adapting and reflecting can an enterprise always occupy a place in the volatile market

the new policy of overload control and the state's encouragement of the development of new energy are undoubtedly a major blow to many heavy truck manufacturers, which greatly limits their sales market. However, for Valin Xingma, it is more an opportunity: in terms of lightweight, Valin Xingma will launch 250-350 horsepower Hamma engine, which will be assembled to 4 × 2、6 × 2、8 × 4. The truck is expected to weigh 200 kg less than the 10 liter engine. In addition, through the application of a series of lightweight technologies, the weight of Hanma H9 and H6 tractors is reduced by nearly 400 kg on the basis of the original chassis lightweight, which greatly enhances the market competitiveness of H9 and H6 logistics tractors. At the same time, after technical accumulation and market test, the Hanma natural gas engine independently developed by Valin has initially formed market competitiveness, and the production and sales volume have increased year by year

On August 6, 1945, the use of composite materials worldwide accounted for less than 10% of the body weight. On August 9, 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, respectively. The two cities were instantly flattened. While accelerating Japan's surrender, the world also saw the destructive effect of this weapon. After the founding of new China, in the face of the threat of U.S. imperialism and the counterattack of the Kuomintang reactionaries, it was of great significance to build an atomic bomb by ourselves. Under the background of the blockade of external technology and materials and the poverty of domestic science and technology, our army started from scratch and faced many difficulties and obstacles. It successfully manufactured China's first atomic bomb in 1964 and China's first hydrogen bomb two years later, breaking the historical record of the development of nuclear weapons in the world

the control card of Valin Xingma heavy test process

from the space technology with numerous reputations to the launch of the first domestic aircraft carrier, from the independently developed j-20 stealth fighter to the highly popular Dongfeng 31 intercontinental missile, the equipment of the land, sea and air forces has been in the forefront of the world! China made these equipment not for hegemony and expansion, but because we have experienced 14 years of war and understand that peace is hard won. Understand that only with a sharp weapon in hand can we maintain national security and development and promote world stability and peace

the development of enterprises depends on products, and the core of products depends on technology. There are many manufacturers engaged in the production of heavy trucks in China, but there are few manufacturers who can completely produce engines independently. Valin Xingma is one of the few heavy truck manufacturers in China with self-developed powertrain including engine and gearbox. Liu Hanru, the chairman of the group, once said that those who win the engine will win the world. In the future, the competition in the heavy truck industry will become increasingly fierce, and the winners will certainly only be those manufacturers with core technology and core parts. In terms of vehicle, Hanma H7 is a new product carefully created and grandly launched by Valin Xingma. The cab has been widened, and the storage space has been improved, making the cab wider and driving comfort greatly improved. At the same time, the interior of Hamma H7 has also been comprehensively upgraded, with more luxurious and comfortable workbench and instruments, and more reasonable humanized design; In terms of power control, with the advantages of powerful engine, low fuel consumption, low gas consumption, light transmission control, and solid and durable axle of Hanma, Hanma H7 will be highly praised by customers and dealers. The interior decoration and quality of Hamma H9 will also be comprehensively upgraded in the second half of the year. In order to cooperate with the marketing of new products of Hanma H7 and H9, the certification work of announcement, fuel consumption, environmental protection and 3C has been completed, which is very good. (this article is from Valin Xingma)

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