The hottest milk carton turns into a leisure bench

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Milk cartons turned into leisure benches

have you heard of it? Milk cartons can be made into leisure benches for the performance and precautions of swimming tensile testing machines. This is by no means a trick like selling crutches, but a true fact. The discarded milk beverage paper packaging is 100% renewable resources. After special technology treatment, it can be processed into durable, waterproof and moisture-proof plates. The leisure bench mentioned here is made of this environmental protection plate as the main material: a 1.2-meter-long and 0.4-meter-wide environmental protection leisure bench requires about 856 250 ml milk beverage paper packages

with the purpose of being proud of the Green Expo chair, Shanghai has launched a campaign to vigorously recycle waste milk beverage paper packaging since last year. The general public responded positively, participated in one after another, and started from the side of corrosion prevention. They did their utmost, either directly put the discarded milk cartons into the recyclable dustbin, or flatten and accumulate the milk cartons after drinking, Send it to the designated recycling point in the community.

Ren Xianqi, a well-known singer from Taiwan, gladly joined this activity. He not only personally experienced the environmental protection leisure bench made of 856 milk beverage paper boxes, but also demonstrated to the public the four steps of emptying after drinking, lifting corners, flattening packaging, and delivering recycled milk carton recycling. He also solemnly took an oath for officially becoming an Environmental Protection Ambassador, We will personally recycle milk beverage paper packaging boxes and work with Shanghai citizens to interpret the Expo theme of better city and better life

simple and easy, light. In order to occupy an active position in the market, relax. Milk cartons are really powerful. To protect the earth is now, with you and me, let's come together. Ren Xianqi's main song of environmental protection activities, "environmental protection comes together", is very infectious, attracting more people to join the ranks of environmental protection in maintaining the environment. Now, the activity of Green Expo chair I'm proud of has covered more than 500 communities. Recycling waste milk cartons on my own has become a conscious act of the general public in Shanghai. So far, the total recycling volume has exceeded 86 tons, The equivalent of 8.6 million 250 ml milk beverage paper packages have been recycled

when the whole activity comes to an end, the selected monthly champions of individual recycling will not only be awarded the title of environmental protection spokesperson, but also remain on the Expo Environmental Protection bench. When the WorldExpo is held in Shanghai, you can see that more than 1000 fashionable, simple and practical environmental protection seats made entirely of recycled milk beverage paper are placed on the leisure square to welcome guests and friends from all over the world. It can also let people from all over the world know that the Chinese people are starting bit by bit and working hard to protect the earth

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