Plastic demand in North America continues to grow

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The demand for plastics in North America continues to grow

pat Duke, vice president of plastics business of DeWitt company, headquartered in Houston, said that as the world economic growth rate this year is expected to slow down compared with last year's strong growth, the demand for plastics around the world is expected to grow moderately. The focus of competition in the plastic industry will shift from market share grabbing to cost recovery and profit increase

nexantchemsystems' head of plastic business also said that due to the small amount of new production capacity this year, the relatively stable economic growth environment, and the shortage of vinyl chloride monomer raw materials, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) will become an important variety leading the recovery of plastic profits. Polystyrene (PS) takes the second place because of limited new capacity and tight supply

industry insiders said that due to the decline in exports, the growth rate of polyethylene demand in North America this year will slow down to about 4% from 7.1% last year. With the introduction of new capacity in the Middle East and Asia, polyethylene in North America can also reduce energy consumption, and the price of alkene products will face further downward pressure. Some experts further predicted that the global demand for polyethylene is expected to increase by 6.5% this year, and ethylene raw materials will become a key factor in the growth of polyethylene demand, because the planned new ethylene cracking plant is very limited

polypropylene demand in North America increased by about 5.7% last year and will reach 7% this year. Propylene raw material should be the main factor restricting the growth of polypropylene. For this reason, nexantchemsystems has recently reduced the global polypropylene growth rate by two percentage points to 8%

relevant experts said that the demand for PVC in North America increased by about 4% in 2004 due to high interest rates and the expected decline in housing construction demand. It is expected that the gain will outweigh the loss this year, and the demand for PVC will increase by 6%. Polystyrene demand in North America is expected to grow by 4% this year, with a global growth rate of about 5%

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