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The plastic box design case of American brand lighter (Zippo)

Design Description: Zippo is designed with a memorable theme. From the 73 year history of Zippo, I consider that Zippo lighter can replace the efficacy of candles, and take candles as the starting point of my design to commemorate that it replaces candles for lighting

this package is created with an international design style of less is more. It is achieved with a simple shape, iron material and Zippo's simple and solid chrome plated copper cover. 1. It can be sprayed only where it is needed. 1.7% is a visual echo of structural shortcomings. The design of the appearance has the rough personality characteristics of Native Americans. Like American brand Harley motorcycles and hummers, it has the design style of practical but not publicized but with American culture

on the surface of the package, only Zippo's logo and those representative 1932 appear. In Zippo's logo design, I used the candle from the design starting point as the design element, and replaced the I letter of Zippo with a concrete candle, while the other letters achieved formal beauty with the connection on the pen and painting between them. Zippo's logo and 1932 were placed in a T shape, Select the experimental machine model from top to bottom. You should carefully inspect the technical knowledge of our company to achieve a plane segmentation with a sense of direction and impact

from the perspective of visual flow, the observer's attention first focused on the colored but not prominent candle, then expanded to see the logo of Zippo, and then saw the year 1932 from top to bottom, making people find an appropriate plane structure

to open this box, you can see that the latch is also a small Zippo Lighter shape, and when you open it, you can hear the unique opening sound of Zippo applying for a patent. On it, you can see the English place name, which is the location of Zippo General Factory. When you open the lid, what comes into your eyes is the confirmation of the method. The main experiments are: the confirmation of the changed standard and the confirmation of the new method. A zippo lies on the white wax, and the chrome plated copper material and the glittering and translucent wax get a coordinated aesthetic feeling, highlighting the design theme again. The inner surface of the upper cover is branded with Zippo's brilliant and meaningful history, and a word of Zippo is carved on the wax, adding a color to this unified tone, breaking the silence of the picture and highlighting the logo of Zippo again

the thinking process of this packaging: find the starting point of the design, so there is a concrete acquisition, then an abstract search, and then improve the whole design based on the starting point. [color=dc143c] such posts should be posted more frequently. Such posts are not unreasonable

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