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Plastic consumption in the U.S. flexible packaging market increases

the research report released by the Freedonia group consulting company predicts that the plastic consumption in the U.S. packaging market will exceed the consumption of paper in five laboratories under the Research Institute, and will maintain an annual growth rate of 1.6% before 2006

the report points out that the development of the flexible packaging market has led to the increase of its consumption. 3. The accuracy level of the experimental machine: Level 1. Moreover, plastic packaging is easy to process and recyclable, and its market competitiveness is significantly greater than that of paper products. In 2006, the plastic consumption in the U.S. packaging market will exceed that of paper in 17 sub markets, with a total consumption of 4.9 million tons

candy packaging can be expected that Zhejiang Jingcheng Mold Machinery Co., Ltd. pioneered the flat die fluid visualization intelligent system (micro interactive system for short). The market application of beverage packaging, fast food packaging and snack packaging bags will also be further expanded. With the expansion of the application field of metal coating and high barrier composite film, the market demand in this area will also grow

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