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Plastic containers for general packaging and dangerous packaging

normal>1 Overview

normal> plastic containers, namely hollow blow molding containers, are processed by hollow molding method. There are open plastic buckets and cans and closed plastic buckets and cans. Open plastic buckets and cans are mainly used to hold solid chemicals, food, drugs, etc; Closed plastic barrels and cans are mainly used to contain liquid substances. It has the characteristics of light weight, non fragile, corrosion-resistant and recyclable. Its maximum volume is 450L and the maximum weight of loaded goods is 400kg

normal>2. Production process

normal> plastic containers must have pointers and chart recorders in the design and production process. The following problems must be paid attention to: inflation, elongation, vertical load strength, container rigidity, bearing surface, cover thread, shape and outer surface and molding, temperature, pressure, etc., in order to ensure the mechanical properties, formability, mold structure and processing rationality of plastic containers and container service conditions. The process flow is: mixing → screw extrusion → mold closing → blow molding → mold opening → cooling → trimming → inspection

normal>3. Quality requirements

normal> for plastic containers used as transportation packages for export commodities 4 During operation, it is strictly forbidden to lower the pressure plate beyond the specified stroke of the piston. It shall be inspected according to sn/t0271-93 "Regulations for the inspection of plastic containers for transportation and packaging of export commodities" and with reference to gb/t "polyethylene blow molding barrels"

normal> (1) appearance: the wall thickness ratio of the symmetrical part of the can body is not greater than 2:1, there are no sand holes and poor plasticization, the outer wall and mouth are flat and smooth, there are not more than 2 bubbles with a diameter of not more than 2mm, the length of black spots and impurities is not greater than 4mm, the can mouth parts are closely overlapped and have good interchangeability

normal> (2) performance test: open plastic containers must undergo vertical impact drop test, stacking test and sealing test. Closed plastic containers must undergo vertical impact drop test, stacking test, air tightness test and hydraulic test. Plastic containers with installed handles and integral handles also need to undergo suspension tests

normal> ① high rigidity and strength test of vertical impact drop frame: the sample is carried out at - 18 ℃. Drop height: if water is used as a substitute, the proposed commodity density is not greater than 1.2, it is 0.8m; The drop height of the proposed commodity with a density greater than 1.2 is 0.67M × Density. See sn/t0271 inspection procedures for plastic containers for transportation and packaging of export commodities for the falling parts

normal> ② stacking test: the test temperature is 40 ℃, and the stacking time is 7 days

normal> stacking quality is calculated according to the following formula:

normal>m0= (h/h-1) × M1

normal> where: M0 - stacking mass applied on the plastic container, kg

normal>m1 - single package mass, kg

normal>h - stacking height, 3M

normal>h - height of a single plastic container, M

normal> note: the value of h/h should be rounded to an integer

norma lock vanadium raw material supply l> ③ air tightness test: 20KPa

normal> ④ hydraulic test: 100KPA

normal> ⑤ see gb/t for sealing test and suspension test



source: China Quality


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