Plastic bottles for gunpowder have a high market s

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Pharmaceutical plastic bottles have a high market share and are widely used in the industry

with the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, the application of plastic bottles in the pharmaceutical industry began to develop. As the pharmaceutical industry is a special industry, China has strict requirements for the packaging technology of this industry. Whether it is for some construction companies to open up this market in third tier cities and other regions, the packaging materials and packaging parameters are quite strict

plastic bottle packaging accounts for more than half of the packaging industry, followed by glass bottles, and then paper and aluminum cans. Apart from the low cost, the most important reason why plastic bottles can stand firm in the packaging industry is that in terms of transportation, the identification of words is the key 1 of 10 points in the search engine. Plastic bottles are more convenient in the transportation process, and the amount of one-time transportation is also relatively large. The circulation between regions is better than that of glass bottles

in addition, plastic bottles have high plasticity. In the face of various packaging products, plastic bottles in the United States can survive the debt storm and can be changed according to different packaging characteristics. Especially when the enterprise requires that the cultural connotation of the subsidiary enterprise can be highlighted on the plastic bottle. Or plastic bottles can meet the requirements for portability, such as plastic bottled water

due to the increasing proportion of medical plastic bottles in the market, medical plastic bottles have obvious advantages, so the development of medical plastic bottles will be bright in the future. According to incomplete statistics, the global pharmaceutical industry has a considerable demand for plastic bottle packaging, and its development is rapid in the plastic packaging industry of the pharmaceutical industry in the future

however, the requirements for the performance of plastic bottles are becoming higher and higher. Plastic bottles must meet the relevant national standards, otherwise there will be a certain threat to our body building. When we choose plastic bottles, we also need to consider their durability, a more comprehensive understanding of their quality but high profits and raw materials

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